Oral Cancer Exams near Richmond Hill, ON

Oral Cancer Exams near Richmond Hill, ON

The American Cancer Society says there are over 30,000 cases diagnosed with oral cancer every year. 7,000 of these will result in the death of the patient. Oral cancer can be identified and diagnosed by an annual oral cancer screening near you at our office. If cancer is caught early, oral cancer can be treated and, in most cases, cured.

Oral cancer is a gruesome disease process and begins with no symptoms making it tough to notice without an examination by an oral cancer dentist near you. There are many kinds of oral cancer. Our oral cancer dentists in Richmond Hill, Ontario see adenocarcinoma, melanoma, and teratomas. The most common oral cancer that we see is malignant squamous cell carcinoma. Other places we look to find oral cancer are the salivary glands, gums, tongue, throat, and face. It will usually start in the mouth and lip tissue. Make sure that you let the dental cancer group at the dental cancer treatment near you examine you annually for any oral cancers.

What You Should Expect When You Have an Oral Cancer Exam

An oral cancer exam is NOT painful. Your dentist knows what he is looking for and will examine you for anything that is not normal. He will feel of your glands, face, and your neck for any unusual bumps. He may use laser light to highlight pathologic changes, to help him “look” under the flesh for lesions and spots that are invisible to the naked eye.

Some of the spots that your dentist will investigate further are sores and red patches. Red patches located on the front of your tongue, the floor of your mouth, and any bleeding sores that will not heal easily, can be the signs of cancerous changes taking place.

Leukoplakia, if found, is a hardened and slightly-raised gray or white lesion that can show up inside your mouth. If you have lumps, soreness or any general thickening of your tissue found in your mouth or throat, it can signal to your dentist a precancerous sign, and he will examine it carefully. You are in good hands with an oral cancer exam at Richmond Hill Smiles.

If there are any abnormalities, leukoplakia, lumps, or lesions that are visible, your dental cancer care will be implemented, and a treatment plan will be drawn out that is best for you. Treatment options vary according to what the exact diagnosis reveals. If you would like to set up an oral cancer exam with us, please give us a call or fill out our online form now.


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