Gum Grafts in Richmond Hill, ON

Gum Grafts in Richmond Hill, ON

When a patient feels that they need to see their dentist about their gums, the issue is usually gum recession. It sounds like an odd issue, but it is a relatively widespread problem. It is estimated that 12% of adults suffer from gum recession in the United States alone. If you have encountered an issue such as this, we have treatment options that can help you.

The problem with recessing gums is that it happens so gradually and slowly that those affected don’t realize it has happened until their gums have already receded. Making sure you keep your regular dental check-ups with your dentist can catch the problem before you need gum grafting.

At our office in Richmond Hill, Ontario, we offer gum disease, gum infection, and periodontal gum disease treatment near you, so that you can have easy access to gum care close to home.

Here are three corrective surgeries being used to treat gum recession:

Connective Tissue Grafts

Connective tissue grafts are the most used form of grafting gums, by far. The procedure sounds frightening, but it is rather simple. A tiny, thin piece from the roof of your mouth is removed so a small flap can be made. The gum surgery will then take out a little bit of connective tissue under the newly-designed flap.

The tissue is placed and stitched to the gums to cover your exposed roots or any gaps that may have formed. When it is the end of the procedure, the spot in the roof of your mouth is then stitched closed. The surgical gum treatment at Richmond Hill, Ontario is completed under local anesthetic, and you will have no pain.

Free Gingival Grafts

The free gingival graft is a lot like the connective tissue graft above. The tissue to be used is taken from the roof of the mouth. Here is where it differs: the free gingival graft will not make the small flap nor will it get tissue from underneath the said flap. For the free gingival graft, the tissue is all taken from the palette/roof of the mouth. The surgeon can use more tissue as is needed.

This procedure is usually used for people that have small or thin gums and will need extra tissue for the operation to be a success. Once the tissue has been harvested from the roof of your mouth, it is placed next to your gums in almost the same way as it was during the connective tissue method. This surgery is also completed under local anesthetic, and you should feel no pain. Gum graft surgery in Richmond Hill, Ontario is an everyday occurrence, so they know how to take care of you in the most professional manner.

Pedicle Grafts

This surgical graft is different from the two previous surgeries. An incision is made as close to the exposed root in the patient’s gums as possible. The incision is cut in a way that will create a flap of skin that is partially attached to the gum.

The flap that was created by the gum recession surgery will then be stretched down over your exposed root and stitched securely into place. It will keep the discomfort from the surgery localized. Let it be said that pedicle grafts are not always the first choice as it requires you to have enough healthy gum tissue to create that flap.

If you think one of these procedures could be right for you, please give us a call, or book your appointment online now.

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