Tooth Extractions in Richmond Hill, ON

Tooth Extractions in Richmond Hill, ON

We have an oral surgeon near you, so you do not have to go out of town for some of the procedures that most dentist offices do not offer. Wisdom teeth extractions at our office in Richmond Hill, Ontario are an everyday affair.

Wisdom Teeth Removal – Let’s Discuss

As anyone older can tell you, wisdom teeth will not give you wisdom. What they are good for is causing problems for you in your adolescent and adult years. Most folks find they don’t have the room for that third molar to fit in the back of their mouth.

Because of this problem, your wisdom teeth sometimes get encased in bone or gum tissue, and it will cause pressure and pain. It can cause an infection to develop that could damage adjacent teeth and jawbone. There have been situations where the wisdom teeth have caused tumors and cysts to develop that create even more significant problems and then require an even more significant oral surgery. If wisdom teeth try to erupt through your skin, they will crowd your existing teeth and cause them to push forward making for a not so appealing smile and increase your risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

The Best Thing to Do is Eliminate the Problem Before It Starts

Most oral surgeons and dentists will recommend removing wisdom teeth during the teenage years before problems begin. The dentists at Richmond Hill Smiles have gone through advanced medical and dental training and are experts in their field. Our oral surgeons near you use the latest in state-of-the-art equipment, technology, expert skill, and soothing sedation to remove wisdom teeth to create healthy, comfortable, and beautiful smiles.

Since the oral surgeons, at Richmond Hill, Ontario can’t make your teenagers smarter, but they can assist you in making an intelligent choice!

Sedation/Anesthesia at the Time of Your Surgery

Our surgeons present a range of options for anesthesia that include nitrous oxide, local anesthesia, general anesthesia, and IV sedation. When you go for your surgical consultation, the dental surgeon will check your medical record, review your procedure, then decide on the best form of sedation/anesthesia.

In most surgeries, IV sedation is the recommended method. IV sedation uses a sedative type of medication that runs directly into your vein. As a patient, you will enter a physical and mental state of relaxation, and not be “under” as one does with general anesthesia. IV sedation alleviates anxiety and will allow total comfort while being safe. You will be recovering from your surgery before you know it.

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