Sinus Lifts in Richmond Hill, ON

Sinus Lifts in Richmond Hill, ON

As a complement to other operations, a sinus lift may be required to create space for dental implants to be performed. This operation may be required following tooth loss or other conditions that decrease the amount of bone in the upper jaw, limiting the ability of the maxillary surgeon to implant new teeth effectively.

What happens during a sinus lift?

During the typical sinus lift, the patient is fully unconscious, so the surgeon may work more freely. The surgeon will separate the sinus from the upper jaw and fill in the cavity created with bone material either from the patient’s body or from an external source. After the new bone material has been set, the sinus membrane will be reattached to the gum layer and allowed to heal over the course of several months. Once the new bone material has fully fused with the upper jaw, the patient will be ready to receive tooth implants in the upper jaw.

Will I need a sinus lift?

It will be up to your orthodontist whether you will need a sinus lift or not. Typically, your need can be determined by examining a series of x-rays, which can indicate how much new bone material might need to be introduced to your upper jaw. As having a sinus lift can add several months of time to the process of getting tooth implants, it’s important to use an orthodontist you can trust to determine the need for a sinus lift.

What are the benefits of a sinus lift?

The primary benefit of a sinus lift is to allow for other dental operations to be performed. As such, it is an important step towards achieving remedying any damages that occurred to a patient’s teeth in the past.

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When it comes to restoring a set of healthy upper molars, it is vital to use an experienced and professional orthodontist office the determine the necessity of a sinus lift. The team at Richmond Hill Smiles are ready to help you navigate the process surrounding the decision with superior knowledge and experience. Call today to book an appointment and begin the road toward a healthier smile!

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