Success Stories

Success Story 1

PROBLEM : Patient dissatisfied with the short appearance of his teeth

SOLUTION : Gum surgery followed by a combination of crowns and veneers


Mr. F was concerned about the unsightly appearance of his short teeth. He also found that when he smiled he showed a lot of gum tissue. After careful assessment, gum surgery was performed to increase the height of the teeth. Veneers and crowns were then placed to give the patient a beautiful and healthy smile.

Success Story 2

PROBLEM : Broken front teeth

SOLUTION : Full mouth reconstruction


Mr. D wanted his broken teeth repaired and a better smile. A comprehensive examination and a smile analysis was performed and several treatment options were discussed. Mr. D decided to proceed with crowns and bridges on all his teeth. He was very happy with the outcome and he now calls himself “Tom Cruise.”

Success Story 3

PROBLEM : Spaces between her teeth

SOLUTION : Cosmetic bonding to close spaces


Mrs. P did not like the large gaps between her teeth and was therefore very self conscious about her smile. She was not interested in having braces. Various treatment options were discussed including veneers and cosmetic bonding. The patient wanted cosmetic bonding and was very happy with the result. She now has a beautiful and confident smile.

Success Story 4

PROBLEM : Gaps between the teeth

SOLUTION : Partial denture and bridge


Mrs. S is a 44 year old female who was unhappy with the appearance of her teeth. She disliked the color and the gap between her front teeth. After many years of not pursuing any treatment, she finally decided to fix her smile. After full diagnostics, her teeth were whitened and a bridge and partial denture were placed on the upper teeth. She smiles much more confidently now and is thrilled with the outcome.

Success Story 5

PROBLEM : Missing upper teeth

SOLUTION : Implant supported fixed denture


Mrs. A is a 60 year old female who lost some of her teeth due to a motor vehicle accident. After a comprehensive examination and a consultation with a periodontist, sinus lifts, bone grafting and implants were placed in the upper jaw. A fixed upper implant supported denture was then fabricated for her and she was thrilled with the result.

Success Story 6

PROBLEM : Unsightly teeth

SOLUTION : Removal of some teeth and a partial denture


Ms. M is a lovely lady who never smiled because she felt uncomfortable with her crooked teeth. She always covered her mouth when she had to speak. After a thorough consultation and smile analysis, some top teeth were removed and the patient was fitted with a partial denture. Ms. M now smiles constantly and says “Dr Jessa has changed my life.”

Success Story 7

PROBLEM : Spaces between the teeth.

SOLUTION : All ceramic veneers


Ms. P is a student who didn’t like the gaps between her teeth and wanted a fuller smile. Different options were discussed including veneers, composite bonding and braces. A wax model was made so the patient could see what her teeth would look like after treatment. All ceramic veneers were placed and she now has a beautiful and confident smile.