Root Canal Therapy in Richmond Hill, ON

Root Canal Therapy in Richmond Hill, ON

A root canal is a common term for a pulpotomy or pulp therapy. This rescue treatment is sometimes necessary due to dental trauma, severe decay, or persistent tooth pain. During root canal therapy the pulp chamber is disinfected and completely cleaned out. This inner area houses all the blood vessels and nerves in a primary tooth. The empty space is packed with filling material, and the tooth is officially restored. Pulpotomy saves teeth from extraction.

Root Canal Therapy for Children

If your child is experiencing consistent tooth pain or bleeding after a dental trauma, painful chewing or biting or nighttime tooth pain, these may be signs of a damaged root. After a thorough exam, your pediatric root canal dentist near you may recommend pulp therapy as the best way to restore the tooth.

Once the affected area is numb, a pediatric root canal treatment is a fast and easy procedure. Your child should not have any pain or discomfort at all.

Baby Tooth Pulpotomy and the Adult Tooth

An adult tooth is a separate operating system with its own blood and nerve supply. A root canal performed on a baby tooth will not negatively impact the underlying permanent tooth. In time, the primary tooth will simply fall out.

Root Canal Treatment vs. Tooth Extraction

There is no cookie-cutter answer for everyone. Each patient has unique needs. Our experienced dentist in Richmond Hill, Ontario will evaluate the symptoms and x-rays to determine the best course of action. Kids generally have posterior teeth into their teen years. Therefore, it is important to keep these teeth in place, if possible, for proper growth, development and mouth function.

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