Fact or fiction Busting 6 myths about teeth yellowing

Fact or fiction Busting 6 myths about teeth yellowing

We all have looked at the teeth moviestars have and have wondered – what does it take to get that kind of perfection in smile?

It takes hard work, lot of perseverance and a team of people ready to make your teeth shine. In addition to these, you should not fall for the common myths regarding teeth yellowing. Over the years, Richmond Hill Smiles’ expert team has seen the following myths popularly prevailing among patients:

Teeth are naturally bright white

The short answer to that is – no, they are not. Every single person you see, who has very shiny white teeth has done something to attain that kind of brightness. It might be a laser treatment or even bleaching, but no one is born with bright white teeth.

A yellow color means your teeth are unhealthy

No. A yellow color means you have teeth and you use them to eat and bite. The point is, when you eat, there will be a residue left on your teeth and with passage of time, your teeth will invariably turn yellow. You can get them professionally cleaned to get rid of the yellowness.

Straws will save your teeth from stains

Anything that can put food in your mouth will have the potential to stain your mouth. Even after drinking with a straw, the liquid stays in your mouth and goes into all corners of the mouth. This way, it can still stain your teeth.

Tea won’t stain your teeth as much as coffee

Most of the beverages, unless a few exceptions, would stain your teeth. Think about it this way – every morning you start with a baseline of teeth whiteness right after you have washed. Then, every food and beverage you consume has an impact on this baseline.

You’re out of luck if you consume foods and beverages that stain teeth

People have to stop bifurcating foods in terms of stains and no stains. Anything you eat will have the potential to stain your teeth in some degree.

Teeth whitening can brighten yellowed teeth

Usually, no. The teeth whitening process does not simply put a white polish of yellow teeth. The yellowness is usually cleaned out and that results in the bright white teeth.

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