Dental Bonding Can Help You Repair Teeth

Dental Bonding Can Help You Repair Teeth

Everyone’s teeth are unique. While some people have beautiful straight teeth, others have crooked and misaligned teeth. For such people, braces and aligners are the answer to a perfect smile says the Richmond Hill dentist. Others may have perfectly straight teeth that may get yellow or have thin enamel. However, the most common need for cosmetic dentistry happens when the teeth are damaged.

Teeth Are Damaged All the Time

Life can be hard on your teeth. Most people experience tooth danger when misadventure knocks out a loose tooth. A morning cup of coffee or tea for few years can affect your tooth color. Some people may experience chipped tooth by eating hard food. Many people compromise with a chipped tooth and go for years without a solution.

When Crowns and Veneers Aren’t Right for You

The dentist in Ontario recommends that the solution for a chipped tooth is dental crowns and veneers. They are custom-made for your teeth and take time to prepare. However, they are apt for a major damage and not right for a tiny chip in the tooth. If you have chipped or damaged tooth but you don’t want to commit to a dental crown or veneers, there is another option for you- Dental Bonding.

Dental Bonding to Repair Damaged Teeth

It’s a special cosmetic dentistry technique which is done one tooth at a time depending on your needs and preferences. The procedure involves application of tooth-colored resin on the surface of the teeth that offers strength, protection and ability to reshape the exterior of the tooth.

What Dental Bonding Can Do?

The procedure is used for all types of minor dental repairs. Apart from filling in the chips in a tooth, it’s also helpful for patients suffering from sensitivity and discoloration due to thinning of enamel. It can also help in making teeth appear longer, straighter, and cover any malformations of the tooth itself.

In and out of the Dentist Chair

One of the best things about dental bonding is that it takes no time for the procedure. A single visit can work wonders for your teeth.

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