Maintaining Your Dental Health During The Summer

Maintaining Your Dental Health During The Summer

Summers are fun times for both kids and their parents. It’s time for vacations, travelling, and hogging on your favorite foods. With a sudden change in your routine, your dental health is put at risk. No matter what, it is important to maintain a healthy dental routine so that your teeth and gums don’t suffer because of your over indulgence and lack of poor oral hygiene.

  • Avoid Chewing Ice

Needless to say summers can be harsh on us. The scorching heat and sun makes us thirsty and we crave for everything cold. While drinking cold water is still fine, many people love to put ice in their water, coffee, and other drinks and commit the mistake of chewing that ice. It is one of the most common ways of damaging your tooth enamel, which can cause chipped or fractured teeth says the dentist in ON. No one wishes to see a dentist for an emergency during vacations. You can put ice in your favorite summer drink, but don’t try to chew them.

  • Limit Sugary Beverages

We all want to keep ourselves cool during the summer and various beverages and juices help us do that. However, the juices and beverages are packed with sugar, which affects the tooth enamel attracting bacteria. When bacteria and plaque affect your teeth, you experience decay and infection. Thus, avoid consuming sugary beverages and have plain water as it will also help in strengthening your enamel and keep you cool.

  • Schedule Your Routine Dental Visit

One of the essentials of preventive care routine for dental health is to visit your dentist in Markham twice a year. You can also schedule the appointment during the summer time as you don’t have to worry about sending kids to the school, preparing their lunch box and picking them up. Visiting the dentist will help in getting the plaque and tartar cleaned by a hygienist. The dentist will also examine you for any underlying dental condition.

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