Common Mistakes to Avoid with All-on-4 Dental Implants

Common Mistakes to Avoid with All-on-4 Dental Implants

You might have heard of the all-on-4 dental implants and how they can benefit in supporting even an arch of teeth with just 4 implants. It is one of the amazing options for replacing all the teeth without the need of wearing the dentures which slip and doesn’t offer any grip. It sounds amazing but it is not as easy as it sounds. These implants can be quite complex. Though we can see many people opting for them, not all of them make an informed decision. Let’s have a look at some common mistakes which patients need to avoid with these implants.

  • Not Choosing an Experienced Dentist

If you want to increase the chances of your surgery being successful, you need to choose an experienced dentist in Markham. It is a complex surgery and what most people fail to understand is that there is a difference between simply performing a procedure and doing it well.

Today, we can see many dental clinics advertising about offering all-on-four implants. To earn a profit, even new doctors jump into performing the all-on-four implant procedure. Patients need to understand that it is surgery and just like any other surgery it has risks. Thus, one should do a thorough background check about the credentials and training of a surgeon.

  • Ignore the Eligibility for All-on-four Implants

One of the most important things to consider before getting all-on-four implants is your eligibility for the same. All-on-four offers a full set of teeth replacement just with 4 implants saving your time and money, explains the dentist near Markham. It is like fetching maximum results from minimum work. While it may work for some, replacing full arch just on 4 implants may not be a good idea for others. It is a procedure that can help only a small fraction of people. Experts say that it is better to opt for a fixed zirconia bridge which makes use of 6-8 traditional implants for supporting a bridge on which the dental prosthetic is placed. You must never fall into the trap of dentists who claim that all-on-four is the best approach for everyone.

  • It Should Not Be Assumed That All-on-four Is for Everyone

As mentioned above, the all-on-four implants are not for everyone. There are only a few conditions that make you eligible for all-on-four implants. Here’s a look:

  • You have sufficient front jawbone.
  • Lack of good bone in the molar area.
  • You are looking to get implants immediately.

Bone volume is an essential criterion when it comes to the all-on-four implants as they need a healthy bone to fuse into, otherwise the implants can fail. CT scan and X-ray can help the dentist near you in determining if you have sufficient bone.

  • Not Focusing On the Brand of the Implants

Many people try to save a meager amount of money by investing in generic quality implants. While this may work best when buying grocery items, for implants, you must always choose a renowned brand so that you have the assurance of quality. This is because you are not paying for the brand name but for reliability, history, longevity, and quality assurance which a brand brings along. With generic implants, there is uncertainty about the quality of the implant and how long it will last.

  • Assuming That It Will All Happen in a Day

Many clinics may try to fool you by saying that you can get teeth replaced in a day so that they can attract more customers. This is not possible and you need to make informed choices instead of falling prey to such false advertisements.

  • Assuming That Tooth Extraction Is the Key to Start Over with Implants

Any good dentist will always suggest that nothing can replace your natural teeth. Getting your teeth extracted for implants can never be a good idea. Though implants are considered the best substitute for natural teeth, they are still a substitute and not your natural teeth. Also, it is cheaper, cost-effective, and comfortable to retain as many healthy teeth as possible. Thus, you must preserve the natural teeth and avoid extracting them till the time it is possible.

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