7 Surprising Things which are Bad for Your Teeth

7 Surprising Things which are Bad for Your Teeth

Everyone wants to eat sweets like candy, cookies, cakes, and so on, but do you know how much it would affect your teeth. If you don’t take care properly, these sweet items can lead to problems like a cavity, tooth decay, and so on. There are many things which can affect your teeth, and if you don’t know about that below, you will find seven surprising elements that are bad for your teeth.

A biting item that is not food: People like to have that kind of things which are not made of food such as pencil, pen, ice, nails and so on. They adversely affect your teeth and create many problems like chipped, crooked, TMJ disorder, and so on.

Acidic and sticky foods: There are many kinds of food which are sticky or acidic. Once they stick to your teeth, and it stays for a long time, bacteria starts developing and dissolve into the enamel by producing acid over teeth. Once they break the enamel, they start attacking the teeth and create a cavity. So you should avoid sticky, acidic food.

Alcohol and caffeine: In soda or coffee, there is a high amount of caffeine or sugar amount, which can erode enamel. Talking about alcohol, it not just only affects your teeth but also gums.

Brushing and flossing incorrectly: This is the biggest problem that people don’t even know how to brush and to floss properly. You should know how to do that and do it properly, which allows you to stay away from a lot of oral problems.

Grinding and clenching teeth: People don’t understand that waking up with sore jaw or clenched mouth can lead to problem like TMJ disorder. You should talk to your dentist and find a way to correct it out.

Ignoring dental problem: During the time of brushing or flossing, if you find that your gums are bleeding or you have a cavity in some teeth, the first step you should take is fixed the appointment with the dentist and enjoy the proper treatment.

Dry mouth: if you are the person who heavily consumes alcohol or caffeine, then you may face the problems of dry mouth. This problem can get worse because alcohol or caffeine stops saliva to produce. You should control the amount of caffeine and alcohol intake to solve this problem of Dry Mouth.

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