Rave Reviews

“Dr. Jessa is a very caring person. She has done wonders in bringing back my smile. I have referred several of my colleagues to her and they all have had the same experience. Her staff are also great. It’s a real joy to be in her office”
Louise S.

Je tiens à vous dire chère docteur que vous avez été une ANGE dans ma vie. La personne que ne croit pas aux “ANGES PROTECTEURS” ne vous à pas rencontrer. C’est vous avec votre patience et votre genérosité qui m’avez donné le goût de RIRE de nouveau et d’ésprit de prendre trés SOIN de ma dentition. Vous êtes un être MERVEILLEUX. Je suis trés fière de sourire maintenant.
Monique B.

“My family and I have been patients of Dr. Jessa since her practice opened. Her professionalism and preventive care has helped us have healthy teeth and gums for life!
Janet D.

“I like going to Dr. Jessa’s office because she gives me a prize after my treatment and she’s super nice and makes my teeth feel clean.”
Diba N.

"I enjoy going to Dr. Jessa’s office because everyone is friendly. When she works on my teeth she is very gentle and patient. I come out feeling healthy and clean”
Jenna H.

"My regular dentist was is in Cambridge, and I live in Thornhill. My wife was 1 week overdue for the birth of our first child, I didn’t want to chance driving nearly 2 hours for some emergency dental work. He recommended Dr. Jessa. I tried her services and was overwhelmingly impressed by the level of personal service they offered me. Each step of their work was explained to me, and they consulted me on all the options that were available to me, making sure I understood the merits and drawbacks of each procedure. I especially loved the way all of the staff worked together as a team. I rarely feel at ease in a dentist's chair, but my 4 visits in the span of less than a month were painless and left me delighted with the results."
A. M.

"Thank you so much for fixing my tooth on your day off. It was beyond the call of duty. I bought you a little remembrance to say thank you."
Eileen L.

"Just want to let you know that we are leaving the city next month. I just want to thank you for everything. I will always remember your lovely face and smile and professional help. God bless you and your family."
Yaneke T.